The Practice Purchased Podcast

s1e4 - The Absolute Best Way to Find a Dental Practice For Sale

November 12, 2019
Previously, we talked about the most common way dentists try to find practices for sale (brokers) but it's NOT the best. If you spend 20% of your search time with brokers, this episode talks about exactly where you should spend the other 80% of your time - other dentists. The best practices are often off-market. And the only way to find those good practices for sale is to have a robust network of other dentists who know, and like you. And...who know you're looking for a practice to buy. 
This could be the most valuable podcast in the whole season. Which also means it's the hardest and most likely to be ignored. If you do what I recommend in this episode, everything else about the practice purchase process will be easier.
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