The Practice Purchased Podcast

s2e07 - Dr. Dan Cho – When a Practice Search Takes a LONG Time

September 25, 2020

Throughout Season 2, I mention a coupon code for, the instant site analysis tool. I highly recommend it, and the updated coupon code (BH-20) will get you 20% off. Go check it out.

Dr. Dan Cho wanted to move across the country to Portland, OR and buy a practice. But it took much
longer than he anticipated. Hear how Dan managed a long-distance search, managed some good and
bad broker relationships and ultimately landed in a great practice.

Text the word EXAMPLES to 33777 to see examples of mailers and other tools helpful to find a practice
to buy.

You can also use to narrow down a list of cities and zero in on the best locations. Use
the code “brianhanks” at to get 20% off your own order.

Dr. Cho can be reached at

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