The Practice Purchased Podcast

s2e04 - Dr. Kyle Maldonado – Finding & Buying a Practice from Family

September 4, 2020

Throughout Season 2, I mention a coupon code for, the instant site analysis tool. I highly recommend it, and the updated coupon code (BH-20) will get you 20% off. Go check it out.

Listen as Dr. Kyle Maldonado, an orthodontic resident and now owner, went from no job opportunities
to looking at two really good practices to buy – despite having a father who was an orthodontist. Kyle’s
story will teach you the power of reputation, personal network, and asking for what you want.

Text the word EXAMPLES to 33777 to see examples of mailers and other tools helpful to find a practice
to buy.

You can also use to narrow down a list of cities and zero in on the best locations. Use
the code “brianhanks” at to get 20% off your own order.

Dr. Maldonado can be reached at

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